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Nehru Memorial Public School Kaithakuzhy

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Nehru Memorial Public School is a Secondary School affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The school was started in June 2006. The school offers a sound education aiming at the development of character and total personality of each pupil through a wide range of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

            Although in a rural background the school aims at a high degree of excellence and commitment. The school aims at giving our children quality value based education. We are known for the quality in terms of faculty members, extracurricular activities & overall approach in the way the students are groomed.

            Apart from academic excellence, the school emphasizes on a high degree of integrity and discipline. Maximum efforts are taken for the all round development of every child. The school believes in upholding the philosophy that education is a driving force to dispel darkness and enlighten our minds.


School Song


We are the best of all,

For Justice & Truth, we”ll make our stand

On India’s coral stand

ALMA MATER – Let the flag unfold

March forward – Boys & Girls

Under the green & gold

We are learning all we can

Teach us to be pure and true

Make us steadfast, wise and strong

Show us what we ought to do

ALMA MATER ..........................................

Where e’er we go, we follow truth

All for our dear Ma – Land

Strive for truth is our fine motto

Service to India – Our aim

ALMA MATER..........................................


Morning Prayer

From crown of my  head to soles of my feet

I give to my heavenly father, my being complete

For guidance and wisdom throughout this day

Every step that I take, every word that I say

Help me treat others as I would have them treat me

And as I forgive others, Dear Lord forgive me,

Temper each word & act with my love,

And give me the wisdom that comes from above

Keep me from sickness, accidents and sin

Help me be patient & kind to all men,

Give faith and hope I humbly pray

With Courage & strength throughout this day



As Nehruites our vision is to Achieve the Ultimate in all spheres of life & to excel in whatever we do, whether it is spiritual, scientific, literature or any other field. To reach the heights, is what we aspire for fervently.


"Our mission is to provide a safe environment which fosters mutual respect between students, parents, teachers, and administrators, while also cultivating productive citizens by providing structure and support for academic and emotional growth."




Undertaken by Kaithakuzhy Educational Association Reg:18/65
(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi No. 931137, School Code 76085)