School Details - Nehru Memorial Public School Kaithakuzhy


Nehru Memorial Public School Kaithakuzhy



Decorum: The school uniform is compulsory on all working days. Students should come to school clean and tidy and hair combed neatly.

Discipline: Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disrespect towards members of the staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both inside & outside the school.

School property: Pupils are expected to take good care of the property of the school & refrain from writing or scribbling on the walls & furniture or anywhere else other than the notebook.

Pupil Responsibility: Pupils are responsible for their own books, tiffin carriers & all other articles they bring to the school.

            Girls should not wear any jewellery. The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every pupil should take special care of the diary & bring it to class everyday. If any one loses it, he/she should buy a new diary.

            Pupils should not bring any objectionable literature into the school & should not purchase any article of food from any unauthorised dealer at or near the school premises.


                                                                                                 HOUSE SYSTEM

            There are four houses in the school. They are Green White, Red and Blue. Every student on admission is placed in one of these houses. Each house is headed by a captain & Vice – Captain. Points are awarded to students for the extracurricular activities, games & sports. At the end of the year the best house is awarded a running trophy.



                                                                                                   SCHOOL UNIFORMS


Nursery to Class IV        :    Navy blue colour half pants

                                        :    Slack shirt with white & navy blue stripes

                                        :    Striped tie and belt.


Class V to Class X         :    Black shoes and navy blue socks.

                                        :    Slack shirt with white & navy blue stripes

                                        :    Striped tie and belt

                                        :    Black shoes and navy blue socks

                                        :    Navy blue colour trouser



Nursery to class IV          :    Half knee length navy blue pinafore with white & navy blue striped blouse with shirt collar

                                        :    Girls with long hair should have two plaits which should be folded well & each plait should be tied with white ribbon.

Class V to Class X          :    White ribbon, black shoes

                                        :    Navy blue socks and striped tie

                                        :    Salwar top with navy blue and

                                        :    White stripes top should be without any slit navy blue bottom & Navy blue coat.




            Parents are requested to have a close watch on the progress of the children and provide facilities and encouragement to bring out the best in them.

            Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking a daily interest in their children’s progress. They should check the diary everyday for any remarks given and note the homework given. Open days are held in school when parents can visit the school and meet the teachers and sign in the progress report. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers during class hours and they are also not allowed to enter the class during class hours.



  1. No pupil can be absent on any grounds without submitting a leave application in writing.
  2. No pupil shall be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours except those who have been specially permitted to do so.
  3. Parents are requested to see that their children are very punctual and are in their class – rooms well before the classes begin. Action will be taken against those who are habitually late to classes.
  4. If a request is made in writing by a parent / guardian for any specific reason, special permission will be granted to a pupil to leave the school earlier than the normal time.
  5. No leave shall be granted to any people on the re-opening day of a term or on the day of examination for special reasons such as ill-health and for any other family reasons.
  6. If any pupil is absent from school for five days, a note explaining the circumstances for such long absence should be sent to the principal by the parent or guardian. Continued absence without obtaining leave will result in the removal of pupil from the rolls.
  7. The application for leave for more than 5 days on grounds of ill-health should be accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  8. Pupil suffering from infectious diseases, such as measles, mumps, chickenpox etc. should attend school only after the period of quarantine as prescribed by the doctor.




           The academic year in the school is divided into two terms

I Term       : June to October

II Term      : November to March


Undertaken by Kaithakuzhy Educational Association Reg:18/65
(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi No. 931137, School Code 76085)